- you are racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. (basic dnfi criteria)

- you know me irl, or think you might know me irl, and I haven't given you the @ for my twitter

- you're male and over 21 - if we're mutuals as of feb. 27, 2017 this does not apply

- you support donald trump

- you're against otherkin

- you're a double of sonia nevermind

- you hate any of my IDs or CCs

- you hate any of my friends

- you think it's funny to make jokes about cancer/mental illness/etc.

- you jokingly use "triggered" in the context that you're annoyed by something without knowing the actual meaning of the word

- you fetishize asians and/or asian culture

- you fetishize gay ships

- you think that in order to be considered a member of an ethnicity you must be able to speak the language of that ethnicity, and that if you can't you're "whitewashed"



- i'm a huge kuzupeko/soniakane stan and I yell about these ships pretty much every other day.

- i'm intimidated by my mutuals but I really do want to talk with all of you! feel free to dm me!

- I care about all my friends and mutuals a lot! If you're upset I'll like your tweets to show that I care.

- Please tell me if i say or do anything bad! There's a 99.9% chance i wasn't aware that what i was saying was negative.

- If you need something to be tagged just tell me!

bow down.
a.s —