ID (actually me)
  • origin: sdr2
  • doubles: please don't follow
  • please call me Sonia if you can!
  • FIRST THING I'D LIKE TO SAY IS please don't follow if you're a double or follow doubles! but if you were following a double before i put this page up (february 27th 2017) all I ask is for you to message me about it, no need to sb!

    SECOND THING IS gee golly wiz i'm kinda confused about this too because I'm a hardcore soniakane shipper, but seeing as I am sonia, do i ship myself with akane? no. but i am also me in every canon so technically i do ship myself with akane even though i don't feel it as a kin? i am confused as fuck and i know this is weird because i make soniakane headcanon threads all the time but this is giving me a headache just thinking about it. but tl;dr i'm gonna keep making soniakane threads fight me

    that being said please don't drag me into kin drama i very much want to stay out of it. have a nice day

  • origin: shelter
  • doubles: okay to follow
  • I enjoy being called Rin!
  • i don't really have much to say here about Rin uhh

    i love the shelter music video a lot so you will probably see me tweeting often about me watching a video of me and crying about it and watching it over and over even though it makes me cry. i make myself cry by watching a video of me crying. (am i even doing kin correctly)

    I don't mind doubles following me or following doubles! No need to ask.

    ID / Primary (???)
  • origin: love live
  • doubles: please don't follow
  • call me dia if you want.
  • continuing my trend of princessy kins here comes dia kurosawa

    i'm unsure if she's an ID or a primary yet but i know as soon as i was sonia it was instant gravitation so the connection is pretty strong. i'm confused as to where dia stands in comparison to kanan but i'm pretty sure there's a stronger connection with dia.

  • origin: love live
  • doubles: okay as of now
  • call me kanan if you want.
  • water water everywhere.

    kin is confusing but for now i think she's primary. i'm not sure about doubles, either, i would prefer if you didn't follow but i don't really mind.

  • origin: love live sunshine
  • doubles: okay to follow
  • uh,, hana is a cute name i guess
  • bookworms, zura.

    doubles are okay, no need to ask!!