before you follow

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BYF | dfi

18+ follows okay! - sb if you unfollow
semi-selective fb, will fb if we have common mutuals, similar interests, and you have an about.
i don't fb anitwitters. if you're cis male and run one i'll probably straight up block you.

i don't care what you ship as long as you are aware that problematic ones are not okay irl. i do not approve of those ships at all. i don't follow back or interact (in the case i find out after i follow).
here is a simple explanation if you can't read or understand this.

i get very uncomfortable with the sexualization of children and if i see that i will block.

i don't like drama nor do i enjoy being dragged into it.
please let me know if i say or do anything problematic!

i acknowledge people dislike characters or ships but if i see frequent hate on my tl i'll unfollow.

if i don't want you following me, i'll sb you.