tush furries;
the furries

caitlin - abigail - gigi - maki - alena - marcie

these are the losers i hang out with on twitter, they're my best friends here and our squad has been together since february 2017. i've done so many stupid things ever since i met them, and thanks to them my sense of humor is extremely warped + i get really bad ideas. staying up with them until 4am talking and losing sleep was so worth it and always will be. my computer is full of discourse, receipts, and bad edits thanks to them. they hate me so much and they hope i die. i do the same to them because it's just what friends do. we read a knights orgy once, and that's basically what kept us together and sent us all into enstars hell. so now we're a little knights squad. even though we're not really friends.

hurt them and i'll personally track you down to kill you. have a nice day.


- revived because of vore

- read a knights orgy

- became the legends known as leo's dingers, ritsu's cock, and ritsuisbigger

- made a knights orgy bot

- made a dickscourse bot

- wrote a knights foodplay orgy

- read the izumi cow fic

- read the izumi x pizza fic

- read knights omegaverse

- watched maki's lps videos

- watched yellow monkey

- watched first person growlithe vore

- wacthed animal jam sex

- drew vore

- wrote a switch orgy

- read chiasuba doujins

- messed up each other's twitter layouts

- lied facedown in the bathtub reading the enstars wiki and listening the knights drama cd

- started discourse on our own discord server

- had oooooh discourse

- accidentally started discourse on twitter

- watched makura no danshi

- knights ahegao

- caterpillar leo

- got gigi into enstars

- have made 25+ bad edits