please tag these if we're mutuals!

- toko/sonia and syonia

- hate of kuzupeko, soniakane, and nicomaki

- irl needles

- irl spiders (tarantulas in particular. please. tag. tarantulas.)

- irl sharks

- photos of tsunamis / whirlpools / waterspouts

- irl blood/gore

- body horror

- jumpscares

- trypophobia

- human centipede

- any 9/11 footage involving the planes hitting the towers


tag me in

- anything with soniakane, kuzupeko, or my faves

- aesthetic posts

- astrology

- animals: cats, Australian Shepherds, corgis, red pandas

- flowers

-anything that you'd think i'd like or reminds you of me!

make sure they pay you first.
a.s —